The Foodbarn Restaurant

The Foodbarn Restaurant is one of South Africa's great fine dining restaurants. It is run by world acclaimed Chef Franck Dangereux and his partner Pete de Bruin. Franck and Pete are always up to something and with the right planning you are bound to have a great experience in their company.

In the words of the maestro himself, Franck has the following to say about his food!

"The food is civilised without being pretentious … that is to say it has natural taste, smells and textures, and much character… often it looks beautiful too.

What is paramount is that it is prepared with respect, savvy and love… then, it is the right food for us to eat …."

Not much more required. As one would expect the menu changes daily and is based on the best and freshest ingredients that Franck can find!

  • Foodbarn Desert Treat